Wires, Threads and Forms

A tress is suspended from a tower made of small chess towers. Another extremely small and transparent tower drifts all alone engrossed in copper webs. If, one tower reverberates on its own image, a “metaimage”, the other concentrates on its own unit. If one soars to the heights, the other reverberates towards a central core. If one visions a fugue, the other seeks refuge in evasive thoughts, completely self-absorbed.

Knitting cones and wool yarns are tensioned by a gigantic wooden weight that contrasts to the delicate gesture of knitting implied there. A concrete block finds itself in mid air, completely oblivious to the forces of gravity and the roughness of its raw material. Translucent cages, crystal coops fall down captives of an illusionary freedom. 

Common objects that Anna Paola Protasio abducts from the every day banality to restructure them through the art to open the days and the melancholies to other senses and other mirages. If towers and tresses, spinners and knitting cones take us the feminine imaginary, to its fables and anxieties, concrete blocks and guarded cages brings us back to the contemporary metropolis, to the terrors and delirium of control which perplexes us.

Displaced to the art universe of art such objects, repeated or unitary, enormously oversized or minimized, grave or fragile, introduce in the torpidity of inexact hours, dreams and pains, fantasies and chimeras, solitude and fears. They reveal to us the burden and the weightlessness of the days.

Marisa Flórido, 2010
PhD from the Postgraduate Program in Visual Arts at the School of Fine Arts of the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro.